7 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Condo Kitchen  

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Condo living often comes with several benefits including easy access to everyday amenities, on-site amenities like swimming pool, gym, and co-working spaces. However, there’s one issue with condo living and that’s limited space, especially in the kitchen area. With some creativity and smart organisation, you can make the most of your condo kitchen and maximise the available space.  

Here are 7 tips to maximise space in your condo kitchen by kitchen renovation experts: 

1. Utilise Vertical Storage

When floor space is limited, look up! Take advantage of vertical storage options to make the most of your kitchen walls. Install shelves or open racks on empty walls to store frequently used items such as spices, utensils, and cookbooks. Use hooks or magnetic strips to hang pots, pans, and kitchen tools. Only keep the most essential items like toaster and coffee machine on the countertops to make the space look bigger.

2. Opt for Multi-Functional Furniture

Look for multi-functional pieces that serve more than one purpose. For example, choose a kitchen island that provides both additional workspace and storage. Consider dining tables with built-in drawers or shelves to store linens, cutlery, or small appliances. By maximising the functionality of your furniture, you can reduce clutter and create a more organised kitchen environment.

3. Invest in Space-Saving Appliances

Look for slim and compact appliances that can fit seamlessly into your kitchen layout. Consider a built-in microwave or an under-counter dishwasher. Additionally, consider investing in multi-functional appliances, such as a combination oven and microwave or a stove with a built-in grill. Sleeker appliances also lend a modern look to your space, so if that’s your interior decor style, it’ll work out perfectly. 

condo kitchen renovation services newmarket, toronto, Vaughan, near me, toronto kitchen design

4. Organise Cabinets and Drawers

Start by decluttering and getting rid of any unused or duplicate items. Categorise items and group them together for easier access. Use dividers or organisers to keep pots, pans, and lids neatly stacked. Install pull-out shelves or lazy susans to maximise corner cabinet storage. If you have a renovation budget, hire a kitchen renovation contractor like Morra Fine Cabinetry. We’d be happy to help you design and build space-saving cabinets just for your kitchen. 

5. Utilise the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Install hooks or small racks to hang measuring spoons, oven mitts, or small kitchen tools. Attach a corkboard or magnetic board to the inside of a door for storing recipes, grocery lists, or important notes. The more organised your space looks, the less cluttered it will feel. 

6. Embrace Wall-Mounted Storage

Install a pegboard or a wall grid with hooks to hang frequently used utensils, pots, and pans. Magnetic knife strips can hold your knives securely while keeping them easily accessible. You can even hang a wall-mounted dish rack for drying dishes, freeing up counter space. These space-saving solutions not only maximise storage but also add a stylish and functional touch to your kitchen.

7. Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Look for unconventional spaces where you can add storage. For instance, use the space above the refrigerator for storing baking sheets or cutting boards. Attach a towel rack to the side of a cabinet for hanging dish towels or oven mitts. Install a tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning supplies or spray bottles. If your kitchen cabinets have empty space on top, use it to keep utensils that you don’t use frequently. 

Looking to elevate your condo kitchen in Toronto? Morra Fine Cabinetry prioritises quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your kitchen redesign in Toronto is completed to the highest standards. We also provide services in Newmarket, Vaughan, Mississauga, and Brampton. Contact us today to book a complimentary consultation.

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