Ashbury – Bolton Kitchen Project

Our Challenge

This home was beautiful except for...the kitchen. It was small, had dark cabinets, a bad use of existing space and not terribly inviting for company. Our customer understandably wanted more counter space, and a more open feel for hosting...and it had to be not just white...but "super white!" Some other issues which had to be addressed: the drywall bulkhead and old lighting made ceiling look low, the fridge looked disconnected from kitchen and the tight seating area at the peninsula counter was never really used.

Project Date : SUMMER 2018

a beautiful new kitchen
a cat sits in front of a custom kitchen drawer
a custom range hood sits over a stove

Morra Solution

Firstly bulkheads were removed to make room for taller cabinets. We added pantry cabinets around fridge to create a built in look and tied those cabinets to the rest of the kitchen for a unified look. new potlights,  super white cabinets, some rustic wood accents, clean white backsplash, a beautiful white and grey veined quartz and couple of bold pendant lights and POW!… bring on the guests.

a custom kitchen
a kitchen drawer is pulled out showing its contents